Let’s Explore: Zhongli (Part 1)

Zhongli is a small district within Taoyuan City. For someone like me who has lived here for a few months and visited every year since I was little, I find Zhongli to be a bit boring. There isn’t much to do around here because it’s such a small town, but I did my best to look at things from the perspective of a person visiting Zhongli for the first time.

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Let’s Explore: Taipei Museums

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Today I ventured out to check out the Fine Arts Museum and the Contemporary Arts Museum in Taipei. This day trip had been postponed a few times due to poor weather (aka rain) but finally decent weather came around.

The trip:

Taipei is about an hour train ride from Zhongli. After getting off the train, I take the subway (called MRT here) a few stops on the red line to Yuanshan station. From there it’s a short walk to the Fine Arts Museum. Because it was a weekday, there weren’t many people so I was able to take good photos.

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Day in the Life, Fitness

My Fitness Journey: Starting Fresh

gym dumbbells
(The gym I work out at)


The Beginning
I have always been a physically active person. Ever since I could remember, I loved to play outside with my older brother (of course playing “house” indoors was also a favorite activity of mine). I joined the cross country team in eighth grade, and then soccer and touch rugby teams in high school. However, throughout high school, I never felt like physically, I looked in shape. I thought my lower body and arms were too big. It wasn’t always a big insecurity of mine until I had trouble finding clothes that fit me (usually pants). After high school, the only exercise I got was through playing intramural and pick up soccer once in a while. Fast forward to 2014 summer, after I drank and ate my way through my study abroad program in London, I decided it was time to get my butt back into shape.

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Adventures, Day in the Life

One Long Deep Breath


(left to right): Marina, Annie, Juliet


I’m not very good at relaxing. I usually wake up earlier than others even when I don’t need to (I have class at 12 pm but I wake up at 8 am). Why? One, I like to get my days started early. Two, when I was at home and would sleep past 10 am, my mom would scold me. But you’ll be glad to learn that this has been a completely relaxing weekend. I even slept till 9:30 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! (Say what now?!)

On Friday (October 18th), Marina, Annie and I went to Copley Square to check out a book festival. Unfortunately, it packed up early so we walked around the Copley Square farmer’s market (Marina and I bought cheese!) and ended up at the pier in the Boston Public Garden.


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