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Annie’s Five Favorite Fitness People

Do you ever find yourself getting bored of the same exercises? Or you’re not feeling super confident about your fitness journey and need a little pick me up? Whenever I am tired of the workouts I do, I like to switch it up and find new exercises to do. The first place I turn to is Instagram. There are many fitness “gurus” on this platform who share their knowledge and their own fitness journeys because they want to inspire and connect with likeminded people. Here are a few of my favorites:

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The Most Alive I’ve Ever Felt

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, but now we’re back and have lots of new things in store! (:

August 3, 2014

As much as I enjoy the outdoors, you will most likely never see me willingly spend more than a week in nature. But I did, with my family at several national parks, including Yosemite. Why? To scale up the Half Dome. I was doubting myself on whether I could even make it to the halfway point. I tried two years ago with my dad, but couldn’t do it for several reasons. Continue reading “The Most Alive I’ve Ever Felt”