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Person of Interest: Kenneth

Name: Kenneth V.
Occupation: Photographer and Trader-in-training
Born in: Canada
Grew up in: Bangkok/Toronto
Current Living in: Toronto

How we met
Kenneth and I went to the same international school in Thailand; we were classmates in first and third grade. That was the extent of our relationship. We had mutual friends, but we weren’t close enough to call each other friends. After Kenneth moved to Toronto at the end of seventh grade, we connected through Facebook once it became the popular social media platform to be on (RIP Myspace). He was someone I’d see pop up on my newsfeed once in awhile and it made me wonder what he was up to. However, because we weren’t really friends, I felt weird randomly messaging him. This blog gave me an excuse to catch up on his life and also because since he had not gone the traditional “go to college after high school then find a job” route, I wanted to learn about his experience.

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Musings, person of interest

Person of Interest: Paloma


Meet Paloma Hennessy, one of my best friends from childhood. We met in middle school during orchestra, and the rest is history. We are different in many ways – me being louder and more aggressive; and her being more thoughtful and reserved – but we complement each other well. Her path in life has been vastly different than mine, and I used the blog as an excuse to dig into her thoughts and life – although I really didn’t need to use the blog as an excuse now, right?


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