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Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike


How to make the most delicious ramen in your life:

  1. Hike Grand Canyon from rim to rim;
  2. Follow instructions on how to make ramen;
  3. Enjoy the most delicious bowl of ramen you’ll ever eat.

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Hiking in New England

I want to hike more since we have warmer weather now. I’m also preparing to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim in one day at the end of May. Not gonna lie, I’m nervous.

You guys saw the partially failed hike I did last week with Steph, but I’ve done two hikes since then – Check them out after the jump!

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A Not-My-Birthday Cake for Me


If I had to live in one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, I would choose either Rainbows (flip-flops) or Birkenstocks (sandals). That should tell you what kind of gal I am.

Me and flats? We don’t get along. I only bought this pair of flats to wear to work when I didn’t feel like wearing heels. I only wore them out this past weekend because it was Easter Sunday, my friend Marina requested us to dress nice for Easter brunch, and I didn’t want to wear heels. When I got home, I immediately put these flats in the donation pile because they ripped the skin around the ankles even though I’ve worn them multiple times before. I hate flats so much.

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Let’s Explore: Boston (Part 1)


Modes of Transportation

  • Uber or Lyft
  • T (public transportation) – $2.25 with CharlieCard (pick up from most subway stations), $2.75 without CharlieCard
  • Walk – not a bad idea when it’s a nice day outside

Sites to Check Out for Upcoming Events


It was quite rainy and windy over the last few weekends, so I had to just suck it up and go out in the bad weather. My friend Becca told me about a Gilt sample sale event, so we headed over to South Boston to check it out.


Then we headed to Somerville to try out a Peruvian restaurant – it was decent. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back there and try other foods. Peruvians seem to really enjoy their salt, otherwise the flavor was quite mild. Check out the video below to see what we ate!
Machu Picchu
307 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA


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The Most Alive I’ve Ever Felt

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, but now we’re back and have lots of new things in store! (:

August 3, 2014

As much as I enjoy the outdoors, you will most likely never see me willingly spend more than a week in nature. But I did, with my family at several national parks, including Yosemite. Why? To scale up the Half Dome. I was doubting myself on whether I could even make it to the halfway point. I tried two years ago with my dad, but couldn’t do it for several reasons. Continue reading “The Most Alive I’ve Ever Felt”

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Lowell-ite for a Day



(left to right, from top row): Bella, Juliet, Mr. Lee, Calvin

Saturday, October 26, 2013

When Bella invited me to give her high school adviser a campus tour together, I thought about the last time I gave one. It was less than a week after the Boston Marathon bombings. The city of Boston and most of the educational institutions were pretty much shut down, and Boston University advised students to stay in their rooms and only go to the dining hall if necessary. I was restless and decided to study at the dining hall while I waited for my friend to join me. On my way to the dining hall, I ran into a lost father-daughter pair who were here for a campus tour that was canceled due to the bombings. I was bored so I took them on a two-hour campus tour. During the tour, my roommate called me and asked me, “Where are you? You aren’t in the room and you aren’t in the common area and I’m a bit worried.” I said, “I’m giving a campus tour to a father and daughter because their official one was canceled.” And she starts yelling at me. Out of love, of course.

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One Long Deep Breath


(left to right): Marina, Annie, Juliet


I’m not very good at relaxing. I usually wake up earlier than others even when I don’t need to (I have class at 12 pm but I wake up at 8 am). Why? One, I like to get my days started early. Two, when I was at home and would sleep past 10 am, my mom would scold me. But you’ll be glad to learn that this has been a completely relaxing weekend. I even slept till 9:30 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! (Say what now?!)

On Friday (October 18th), Marina, Annie and I went to Copley Square to check out a book festival. Unfortunately, it packed up early so we walked around the Copley Square farmer’s market (Marina and I bought cheese!) and ended up at the pier in the Boston Public Garden.


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Celebrate Women. Celebrate Movement.

Photo Oct 13, 9 20 18 PMPhoto Oct 13, 9 21 14 PMPhoto Oct 13, 9 24 32 PM

(left to right): Juliet, Annie, Rebecca

Photo Oct 13, 8 54 37 PMPhoto Oct 13, 8 55 00 PM

Photo Oct 13, 9 00 05 PMPhoto Oct 13, 9 02 03 PMPhoto Oct 13, 9 05 35 PM

“Enjoy yourself! It’s later than you think.” -Unknown

Monday, October 14, 2013

lucy, an apparel company for active women, partnered with Boston’s Department of Conservation and Recreation to install a 10,000 motion-sensitive LED lights on a quarter-mile stretch of the Esplanade near the Hatch Shell. Rebecca, Annie and I decided to check it out last night after a long day of studying (for them) and a 10-hour work day (for me). I thought we would only spend about 10 minutes there, taking pictures here and there and then bounce. However, we ended up spending about an hour and a half there because it was so beautiful, especially with the Charles River as the backdrop.

The lucy light forest tracks movement and responds to each person passing through it by radiating amber hues of light and complementary tones of sounds for everybody to see and hear. It was “designed to represent that feeling [one] gets from a great workout.” lucy chose Boston for its first installation because of the vibrant active community, and the company will continue its movement across the US throughout 2014 and beyond. Learn more about the lucy light forest here.

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Calm Before the Crazy


(left to right): Richa, Juliet, Annie


DSC_1966DSC_1961DSC_2000 DSC_2001DSC_1978DSC_1990Photo Oct 12, 12 55 51 PM

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I was stuck. I don’t know how to explain in detail this stickiness or why I feel stuck, I just do. Instead of getting upset, I decided to take this Saturday morning for myself (even though it is midterms week).

Richa, my teammate, came with me to get our hairs cut (my high school teacher said it isn’t a haircut, but a hairscut. Get it?) at Unique 8 Hair Salon in Chinatown. There was a lady patron with two-toned hair, and she wanted to get some coloring done like Kim Kardashian’s. She had difficulties communicating with the stylist working with her, so my stylist asked me to be a translator. Helping them made me feel good. Anyways, cutting off my already short hair was liberating and I feel invigorated and ready to charge through life again.

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