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My Fitness Journey: An Update

Two months ago, I set some fitness goals to improve my life. It’s time to reflect back on how well I did, what I learned along the way, and ways I could do better.
(If you’re not caught up, you can go here to read that post first.)

Past Workout Split

Current Workout Split


Chest + Biceps

Chest + Triceps





Cardio + Abs

Cardio + Abs


Back + Triceps

Back + Biceps





Cardio + Abs

Shoulders + Triceps


Shoulders + Triceps

Rest Day

Changes I made two weeks in after testing out my workout split in March

March & April Goals

  • Make a conscious effort to eat healthier (eg. don’t reach for that bag of chips! Switching out junk food with healthier alternatives.)
  • Test out working chest + biceps on one day and back + triceps on another day
  • Lose 10lbs (~4.5kg)

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My Fitness Journey: Unbalanced Strength


Today after finishing up my leg workout, I realized that my right leg is weaker than my left. While doing my last exercise, isolated single leg presses, I noticed that I was struggling a lot more when working my right side. Then this got me thinking about what other muscles I had imbalanced strength in. My left arm is slightly stronger than my right arm, especially when I do concentrated bicep curls. Basically my left side of my body is more dominant than my right which is really weird considering I’m right handed and supposedly right side dominant?? When I snowboard, I ride goofy which means my left leg is in the back (the more dominant one), so maybe that further confirms my left side is stronger. I figured out that my right leg is weaker than my left because I injured my right ankle a few years back and I didn’t do my physical therapy exercises (oops).

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My Fitness Journey: Starting Fresh

gym dumbbells
(The gym I work out at)


The Beginning
I have always been a physically active person. Ever since I could remember, I loved to play outside with my older brother (of course playing “house” indoors was also a favorite activity of mine). I joined the cross country team in eighth grade, and then soccer and touch rugby teams in high school. However, throughout high school, I never felt like physically, I looked in shape. I thought my lower body and arms were too big. It wasn’t always a big insecurity of mine until I had trouble finding clothes that fit me (usually pants). After high school, the only exercise I got was through playing intramural and pick up soccer once in a while. Fast forward to 2014 summer, after I drank and ate my way through my study abroad program in London, I decided it was time to get my butt back into shape.

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Home Workout


My friend who is currently in Malaysia recently asked me for some exercises to do around her apartment, and I figured… why not turn it into a post? I recruited my roommate Steph to workout with me and present a few of the exercises to you guys!

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