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Juliet’s April Financial Diary

Last month, I gave myself a budget of $500 for everything beyond rent, utilities, and Internet… and I failed. This month, I am challenging myself again with a budget of $650 for everything beyond rent, utilities, Internet, and air travel.

How will I do this month?

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Make Yo Bed | Challenge #2

What started out as a joke experiment knowing us and our bed-making habits (which are none), we actually ended up doing extremely well. 

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Day in the Life, Experiments

Bookworms in Training | Challenge #1

Prologue by Juliet

One day while cleaning out my room, I noticed that I had so many books that I hadn’t read. The thought of them sitting in my room and collecting dust bothered me so much that I made it one of my goals for 2017 to read them, and then either pass them along to friends or donate them.

But how was I going to find the time and energy to read every day? I get up at around 6:30 am every day, and get home at around 7 pm with very little energy left to spare. So when Annie suggested that we try an experiment of reading a minimum of 10 pages every day, I jumped at the opportunity of forcing myself to read and cleaning out my room.

How did we do?

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Day in the Life, Experiments, Finance

Juliet’s March Financial Diary

February 28, 2017

There are times when I look at my bank account and I ask myself where all my money went. I keep track of my expenses in Quicken, but I never delved into analyzing my spending habits.

Me being a weirdo and love to self-analyze, that’s when I decided to challenge myself: for the month of March, I am giving myself a $500 budget to spend for groceries, gas, and fun money. Rent, utilities, and Internet are not included in the $500. This way I would have a better understanding of the habits and emotions behind how and when I spend money. I arbitrarily chose $500 because I think that will cover all my costs without giving me too much fun money to spend. The results from this month’s experiment can serve as a baseline for the future.

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