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My Fitness Journey: An Update

Two months ago, I set some fitness goals to improve my life. It’s time to reflect back on how well I did, what I learned along the way, and ways I could do better.
(If you’re not caught up, you can go here to read that post first.)

Past Workout Split

Current Workout Split


Chest + Biceps

Chest + Triceps





Cardio + Abs

Cardio + Abs


Back + Triceps

Back + Biceps





Cardio + Abs

Shoulders + Triceps


Shoulders + Triceps

Rest Day

Changes I made two weeks in after testing out my workout split in March

March & April Goals

  • Make a conscious effort to eat healthier (eg. don’t reach for that bag of chips! Switching out junk food with healthier alternatives.)
  • Test out working chest + biceps on one day and back + triceps on another day
  • Lose 10lbs (~4.5kg)

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Juliet’s April Financial Diary

Last month, I gave myself a budget of $500 for everything beyond rent, utilities, and Internet… and I failed. This month, I am challenging myself again with a budget of $650 for everything beyond rent, utilities, Internet, and air travel.

How will I do this month?

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Make Yo Bed | Challenge #2

What started out as a joke experiment knowing us and our bed-making habits (which are none), we actually ended up doing extremely well. 

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My Fitness Journey: Unbalanced Strength


Today after finishing up my leg workout, I realized that my right leg is weaker than my left. While doing my last exercise, isolated single leg presses, I noticed that I was struggling a lot more when working my right side. Then this got me thinking about what other muscles I had imbalanced strength in. My left arm is slightly stronger than my right arm, especially when I do concentrated bicep curls. Basically my left side of my body is more dominant than my right which is really weird considering I’m right handed and supposedly right side dominant?? When I snowboard, I ride goofy which means my left leg is in the back (the more dominant one), so maybe that further confirms my left side is stronger. I figured out that my right leg is weaker than my left because I injured my right ankle a few years back and I didn’t do my physical therapy exercises (oops).

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Bookworms in Training | Challenge #1

Prologue by Juliet

One day while cleaning out my room, I noticed that I had so many books that I hadn’t read. The thought of them sitting in my room and collecting dust bothered me so much that I made it one of my goals for 2017 to read them, and then either pass them along to friends or donate them.

But how was I going to find the time and energy to read every day? I get up at around 6:30 am every day, and get home at around 7 pm with very little energy left to spare. So when Annie suggested that we try an experiment of reading a minimum of 10 pages every day, I jumped at the opportunity of forcing myself to read and cleaning out my room.

How did we do?

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Juliet’s March Financial Diary

February 28, 2017

There are times when I look at my bank account and I ask myself where all my money went. I keep track of my expenses in Quicken, but I never delved into analyzing my spending habits.

Me being a weirdo and love to self-analyze, that’s when I decided to challenge myself: for the month of March, I am giving myself a $500 budget to spend for groceries, gas, and fun money. Rent, utilities, and Internet are not included in the $500. This way I would have a better understanding of the habits and emotions behind how and when I spend money. I arbitrarily chose $500 because I think that will cover all my costs without giving me too much fun money to spend. The results from this month’s experiment can serve as a baseline for the future.

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My Fitness Journey: Starting Fresh

gym dumbbells
(The gym I work out at)


The Beginning
I have always been a physically active person. Ever since I could remember, I loved to play outside with my older brother (of course playing “house” indoors was also a favorite activity of mine). I joined the cross country team in eighth grade, and then soccer and touch rugby teams in high school. However, throughout high school, I never felt like physically, I looked in shape. I thought my lower body and arms were too big. It wasn’t always a big insecurity of mine until I had trouble finding clothes that fit me (usually pants). After high school, the only exercise I got was through playing intramural and pick up soccer once in a while. Fast forward to 2014 summer, after I drank and ate my way through my study abroad program in London, I decided it was time to get my butt back into shape.

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Home Workout


My friend who is currently in Malaysia recently asked me for some exercises to do around her apartment, and I figured… why not turn it into a post? I recruited my roommate Steph to workout with me and present a few of the exercises to you guys!

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I Dislike Gray Days


I haven’t been keeping up with the theme of the blog… restless feet… shoes! For that, I’m sorry!

The other pair of legs are Sheena Chatterjee’s, my work buddy. We both intern at The Iconic. I call her Schexy Sheena, but I want to give her some new nicknames. How do you guys feel about Chatty? Cha-cha? Continue reading “I Dislike Gray Days”

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The dorm Internet is crap, so here’s everything that’s happened at once.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m not a really fluid storyteller. I bounce around a lot because even when I’m talking, I’m thinking about what story I want to tell next and then sometimes I get mixed up and chaos happens. Sometimes I’ll stop one story to start another story, but then I want to go back and finish the first story in the middle of the second story. But I’ll try to keep it together this time.

Sound Bite on Dorm Life & Kitchen Woes

Try to imagine this building: Seven-story white building with a rooftop (which I haven’t been to yet). That is, seven stories above floor 0.

Australia to America Dictionary

  • Ground level = 0 in Australia = 1 in America
  • Basement in America = -1 in Australia

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