Welcome to AJRestlessFeet, a life and wellness blog that documents the fun, food, fitness, and feelings we go through in our lives. If you couldn’t tell by now, there’s two of us manning this blog.

A is for Annie – born in Taiwan, grew up in Thailand, went to Boston University for business marketing and design, and currently back in Taiwan.

J is for Juliet – born in Southern California, went to Boston University for business information systems and operations management, and stayed in Boston post-college.

We met on the first day of freshmen orientation (Juliet doesn’t remember this… awkward), and our friendship blossomed over the next couple of years. It was surprising because we are quite different from each other.

Restless Feet came about because both of us enjoy going on adventures and exploring our surroundings. Together, we’ve explored much of Boston as well as New York City, Washington D.C, Maine, and Miami. In addition to being physically restless when we are stuck in one city for awhile, both of us are constantly looking to learn more and expand our world views.

Our blog started with this quote: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” We believe that one day we will feel like we have conquered the world, but we also know that the journey to badass-ery will not be without obstacles or hardships. This blog will chronicle our adventures and thoughts, so that we may look back at this one day and say, “Look where we’ve been and how much we’ve grown.”

A little more about us:

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Written by Annie

Name: Juliet C.

First impressions: A shy, quiet girl who was in my orientation activity group.

But then: We got very close during Thanksgiving of 2012 when we walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, cooked a homemade Thanksgiving dinner, went on a cruise around the Charles River, and survived a crazy 12-hour shopping spree on Black Friday.

She’s obsessed with: Justin Timberlake, making lists, planning adventures, watching Chinese & Korean drama shows.

And things that bug her: People who compete with her on petty things.

The kind of friend she is: Reliable, fun to hang out with, crazy and hyper, and positive!

Fun fact: For some reason, she cannot sleep in the same bed as someone else. She gets very antsy.

Written by Juliet

Name: Annie C.

First impressions: Cold and hard to read (aka “robot mode”). I couldn’t tell if she thought I was annoying or disliked me.

But then: I stayed over at her place one night and slept in her bed. That’s when we got real close. (There was no snuggling though.)

She is: the yin to my yang. I talk too much, she listens a lot. She brings the reality to my crazy dreams. She’s all about jokes, and I’m about hugs and kisses. But they say opposites attract, right?

She’s obsessed with: Watching vlogs and YouTube artists. She introduced me to Jeremy Passion.

I realized: She is straightforward and doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeves. She only shows her true emotions around people she’s comfortable with.

What I love about her: She’s always down for an adventure.

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