Back in action after 3 years

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Hi guys!

We probably sound like a broken record, especially since the last post mentioned that we were coming back… but this time we really mean it! It was hard to keep up with the blog because we were both going into our “last” summer before senior year of college, which meant that we were thinking about internships, jobs, graduation… all the fun jazz.

Why We Came Back
One of the reasons we decided to start the blog again is because we are currently living in two different countries. This is a way for us to connect with each other and our readers. Through this blog, we want to share our adventures, memories, and life’s growing pains. We hope that you guys can relate to us through our experiences, or even just live through us vicariously and see the world from our perspectives. This time around, we are more committed to keeping up with the blog and hope you guys will follow our journeys through life!

Future Postings
We will be posting 2-3 times a week, starting this week:

  • On Sundays, we will post a weekly update about things we loved throughout that week.
  • On most weeks, there will be a post from both of us. We are playing with some ideas to keep the content interesting.

Watch out for our next blog post, where we talk about what we’ve been up to since graduation – coming this Thursday!

– Annie & Juliet


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