New Year, New Things We Like in January


  • Enjoying a chill new years eve with the rents
  • Mani pedi & massage day with my momma
  • Finding the perfect pair of wedges for London!
  • Catching up with a good friend from high school
  • For once, feeling rested after a 13 hour flight to London
  • Lovin’ my roommates, they’re so nice and awesome!
  • Meeting new people from different schools
  • Drinking hot tea on a cold day
  • Exploring the surrounding area in South Kensington with Becca.
  • The excitement (but also a bit of the stress) of booking trips to travel around Europe
  • Wandering around and getting lost
  • Picking up public transportation and beginning to know my way around
  • All the markets in London
  • Having a nice cup of coffee and reading a good book at a cafΓ©
  • FINALLY receiving my SIM card in the mail after ordering three times and waiting for two weeks.


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