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Calm Before the Crazy


(left to right): Richa, Juliet, Annie


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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I was stuck. I don’t know how to explain in detail this stickiness or why I feel stuck, I just do. Instead of getting upset, I decided to take this Saturday morning for myself (even though it is midterms week).

Richa, my teammate, came with me to get our hairs cut (my high school teacher said it isn’t a haircut, but a hairscut. Get it?) at Unique 8 Hair Salon in Chinatown. There was a lady patron with two-toned hair, and she wanted to get some coloring done like Kim Kardashian’s. She had difficulties communicating with the stylist working with her, so my stylist asked me to be a translator. Helping them made me feel good. Anyways, cutting off my already short hair was liberating and I feel invigorated and ready to charge through life again.

Afterwards, we met up with Annie. We had planned to get croissant-donuts at Cafe de Boston. Unfortunately, it isn’t open on the weekends (I forgot to check when the store was open), so we grabbed food at Starbucks and headed for the Boston Commons. We checked out the Cool Globe exhibits and the Street Pianos. I haven’t played piano for so long that my heart fluttered a little bit when I touched those black and white keys. It was like meeting a long-lost friend once again, and it felt so good. I miss playing the piano and I really want to play more. J.S. Bach, Chopin, Mozart… those are my boys.

So now, it’s back to study marathons for this week’s midterms. Wish us luck!


Photos by Annie


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